Rainbow Cities

A growing network of international cities concerned with LGBTI policies.

LGBTI equality

Rainbow Cities consider it their responsibility to protect and support their LGBTI citizens.

Combat discrimination

Discrimination of LGBTI people is seldom explicitly dealt with by most local administrations. Rainbow Cities are the exception.

Increase impact

Rainbow Cities increase the impact of local approaches and spend budgets effectively, resulting into greater social inclusion.

A growing number of European cities use inspiring methods and approaches to fight discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. They acknowledge LGBTI people as equal citizens, by designing and implementing inclusive policies and thus caring for their wellbeing in school, at work and in the streets. Other cities can learn from this, without having to reinvent the wheel. There is a lot to be shared between the network members: cities worldwide come across the same issues as the Rainbow Cities do, sometimes only scale or scope differ. The Rainbow Cities Network members make sure that their cities are inclusive places for all; through the Network they hope to inspire others to follow suit.
Members Rainbow Cities Network
The aims of the network:
Exchange experiences and lessons learnt on LGBTI issues in local policies.
Collaborate on specific themes, in projects or otherwise.
Exchange of local good practices and initiatives with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity.
Keep up to date with international developments in LGBTI policy and link up with (developments in) international networks and organisations.