RCN Exhibition

As a joint project, the Rainbow Cities organizes an exhibition every year on occasion of IDAHOT on 17 may. This year the title of the exhibition is 'Families'. Sixteen cities participate and provide one photo each for this exhibition. In this document you can see the photo's. 

Why families?

Families have special meanings for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. All too often, our family of origin stands for non-acceptance, conflict and rejection, rather than for a safe haven where we find love and emotional security. The original family is a frequent source of conflict and denial, and often “belonging to a family” becomes a subject of lifelong yearning. For many of us, friends become our chosen families, our new home. In a family, people take care of each other – though many LGBTIQ people do not experience this feeling until they become part of the LGBTIQ community. The community makes us feel that we belong; it gives us appreciation, love, and a chance to talk about everything – not in spite of who we are, but on the contrary: because of who we are.

Into the open

In the past years, rainbow families have increasingly come out into the open, emerging from the shadows of a society that has long failed to see them. More and more LGBTIQ people long to start a family, with biological children, stepchildren, foster children or adopted children. They show that queer life and parenthood are not mutually exclusive, and can indeed become an asset for our society. Families are important for each and every one of us – and as different as the colours of the rainbow. But one thing holds true for everyone: family is where love is.