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When it comes to LGBTI Human Rights, every progress that is made in terms of law is not sufficient alone if it is not accompanied by cultural reflection, awareness raising activities, implementation of best practice. I therefore intend to renew, year after year, the LGBTI objectives in our annual management plan and to foster the networking, so that the LGBT Office, the other municipal services and the local associations, fundamental actors for change and innovation in our city, are able to continue to work all together for making of our Turin a city capital of Human Rights for LGBTI citizens, for all citizens.
Marco Alessandro Giusta, Deputy Mayor for Equalities and LGBTI Policies

Description of the city

Set in the north west of Italy, within the Piedmont region, the city of Turin was defined by the famous architect Le Corbusier as "the city with the most beautiful natural location in the world". Surrounded by a landscape of white Alps and green hills alongside the river Po, Turin was founded by the Romans and developed under the Savoy dynasty as a pivotal city throughout centuries. Capital of a reunified Italy in 1861, Italian capital of chocolate factories and automotive industry, Turin has always been a laboratory city, an innovative, multicultural and multi-ethnic center for artists, philosophers, musicians, designers, activists, avant-garde movements. In this framework, Turin was seat from 1971, to the first Italian lesbian and gay movement called “Fuori”. Starting from the outstanding experience of Torino 2006 XX Winter Olympics, the city rediscovered its cultural and touristic vocation. With more than 45 museums, including the Egyptian Museum, royal castles and residences, Turin offers to its approximately 890.000 inhabitants and to its visitors a chance to experience rare beauty, classic, modern and contemporary arts, musics, slow food, wine and local cuisine.


The City of Turin works to promote Fundamental Rights of LGBTI citizens and their families, to prevent and combat homo/transphobic violence, to foster cultural inclusion and exchange free from prejudice.


The City of Turin actively engages to guarantee the respect of the principle of non-discrimination of LGBTI citizens within the administration’s offices and in all services provided to all citizens. Upon request of local LGBTI associations united under the umbrella of the Turin Pride Coordination, the City established in 2001, within the Equalities Department, the LGBT Office, with the aim of delivering LGBT training to municipal employees and networking with other public institutions, local associations, private sector on LGBTI topics. LGBTI actions and projects are established and included as mandatory objectives in the City’s annual management plan. In 2006, Turin hosted the conference of “Friendly Cities” that gave birth to RE.A.DY, the Italian Rainbow Cities and Local Governments network, whose national Secretariat is held by the City of Turin LGBT Office since the foundation of the network.

Focus areas

  • Training: to provide training courses on LGBT topics for public administration personnel and private companies
  • Networking: to include LGBT topics in the city’s cultural and sport events (exhibitions, conferences, sport games, cinema festivals), to coordinate the RE.A.DY network as national Secretariat
  • Education: to implement educational activities in primary, junior and senior high schools with teachers, students and their parents for combating homo/transphobic bullying and promoting social acceptance of LGBT parenting and LGBT families
  • Transgender issues: to support public and private projects for the social inclusion and re-integration to work of transsexual/transgender people (work grants, internships, apprenticeships etc.)
  • Citizens awareness raising: to organise celebration events, information and raising awareness campaigns among citizens on the occasion of T-DoR, Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Divine Queer Film Festival, IDAHO, LGBTQI Pride


LGBT Office, Equalities Department
Email: serviziolgbt@comune.torino.it

Eufemio Gianluca Truppa
Email: eufemiogianluca.truppa@comune.torino.it

Cinzia Melis
Email: cinzia.melis@comune.torino.it