Member cities are represented by policy officers (staff members of the city administration), so not by political representatives or NGO’s. The network is an active peer-to-peer network, focused on the exchange of good practices and practical approaches on local policies and legislation, on cooperation with NGO’s and sharing of (educational) materials. These policy officers generally work in social development offices, equality or diversity departments or municipal LGBTI) offices.

The preconditions for becoming a member:

  • An active LGBTI (inclusive) policy within a city
  • A responsible policy officer on this topic, who can and will represent the city in the network and the annual meeting
  • A complete membership application (see below)
  • Attendance of the responsible policy maker at the annual meetings;
  • Active participation on the mailing list and sharing of good practices/materials via the mailing list and the quarterly newsletter.

The application process

The Rainbow Cities Network is receiving applications again.

The Official Application consist of:

The signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

A "One-pager" (document) ont he specifics on the Local LGBTIQ+ policy (Template)

The applying city should send the application to the RCN´s coordinator: