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It should be a matter of course that LGBTIQ-people have the same rights as all others. As the Mayor of Zurich I am determined to ensure their equality. And I am proud of the dedication of the city council and the municipality, all contributing to this same end.
Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zürich

Description of the city

Population: 413.619 inhabitants (August 2016)


The city of Zurich is committed to the task of making the diversity of sexual identities and sexual preferences visible in our society as well to encourage a public debate. As a modern and cosmopolitan city, Zurich is determined to support the elimination of all kinds of discriminations based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity.


In order to support the legal and actual equality of the LGBTI population in all areas of life and within the municipality the City Council extended the specific mandate of the Office for Gender Equality (Department of the Mayor) to LGBTI issues (resolution of the City Council from March 20th 2013).

Focus areas

  • Consultation and participation in preparing administrative tasks, measures and issues of personnel law, concerning sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Exchange and cooperation with NGOs on matters of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Free of charge legal advice and consulting for employees of the municipality on discriminations concerning LGBTI-issues
  • Promotion, coordination and support of information exchange on LGBTI-issues within the municipality
  • Audit mandate to clarify financial support of NGOs working on LGBTI-issues (in collaboration with the Social Services Department of the municipality of Zurich)
  • Support of consciousness-raising campaigns towards LGBTI-issues

Collaboration partners

  • City of Geneva, Pink Cross
  • Lesbenorganisation Schweiz (LOS)
  • Transgender Network Switzerland (TGNS)
  • Homosexuelle Arbeitsgruppe Zürich (HAZ)
  • Dachverband Regenbogenfamilien (Rainbow Families)
  • Freunde und Eltern der Schwulen und Lesben (FELS)
  • PinkCop (Verein homosexueller Polizistinnen und Polizisten)
  • Queeraltern
  • Zwischengeschlecht.org


Photo credit: Ida Schmieder


Equality Office, Department of the Mayor
Aner Voloder
Email: aner.voloder@zuerich.ch