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Vienna is the rainbow heart of Austria. Our city is internationally renowned for its high quality of life, for cultural life and major events like the Vienna Life Ball. But Vienna also stands for an open society based on solidarity and inclusiveness. We are committed to countering discrimination and promoting equal rights for everyone in all areas of life – from education to healthcare and work. No matter if you are lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex or straight: Vienna is here for you!
Sandra Frauenberger, Executive City Councillor for Anti-Discrimination of lesbian, gay transgender and intersex issues

Description of the city

Vienna is one of Austria's nine federal provinces, as well as the federal capital city and the largest municipality of the Republic of Austria. With 1,852.977 inhabitants (June 2016) Vienna is by far the biggest city in Austria.


The goal of Viennese LGBTI strategy is combating homophobia, transphobia and violence on a societal and legaslative level and raise the awareness for the concerns of LGBTI people to make Vienna a city of inclusion and acceptance.


In December 2014 Vienna declared itself a Human Rights City. The current LGBTIQ policy is based on this commitment and specified in the coalition agreement 2015 – 2020 ('Wien unterm Regenbogen: Vielfalt und Akzeptanz').

In charge for LGBTIQ-issues is the Viennese Antidiscrimination Unit for lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex issues (WASt) which was established in 1998 and is still the only specific unit for LGBTIQ issues in a local Austrian government. It is located in the City Counsillors office for Women’s Issues, Education, Integration, Youth and Personnel.

Focus areas

  • Establishing diversity and awareness about LGBT issues within the public sector
  • Advise for politicians and administration
  • Conduct trainings on antidiscrimination, homosexuality, transidentity and inter*sex, within the Municipality and the health sector
  • Mainstreaming  diversity with the focus on LGBTI in education
  • Provide funding for LGBTI NGOs

Collaboration partners

The WASt cooperates on a regular basis with all relevant municipial departments ( ) and with the local LGBTIQ-organisations such as HOSI-Wien (, Rosa Lila Villa (, TransX (, Courage (, FAmOs Rainbow Families (, RKL (, HOMED ( In addition to that, the WASt cooperates with the Austrian Police, trade unions, chamber of commerce and many other relevant stakeholders.


Photo credit: Christian Fuerthner


Angela Schwarz

Wolfgang Wilhelm

Antidiscrimination Unit for Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Intersex Issues