LGBT people, especially those socially vulnerable, often lack access to their full citizenship. Their rights have historically been denied by society. The role of the LGBT Program of the City of São Paulo is to develop policies that aim at establishing full citizenship for LGBT folks.

Today, the Municipality of São Paulo has been able to provide access to education for trans people in public schools for free. In addition, the LGBT Program offers a wide range of capacity-building and empowerment activities in the Municipality-run LGBT Citizenship Centers. Our wish is that in the future trans people will no longer face social barriers to exercise their rights.

The City of São Paulo welcomes people from all over Brazil and around the world. This diversity is part of our identity, but still many LGBT people are victims of prejudice and exclusion every day. We work to change that.

Eloísa de Sousa Arruda, Human Rights and Citizenship Secretary of São Paulo



Description of the city

São Paulo is a city in Brazil. It has 12 million inhabitants.


To guarantee human rights and citizenship to São Paulo’s LGBT population by implementing public policies that promote equality and visibility and that fight against LGBTphobia, in constant collaboration with other partners and civil society.

Focus areas

  • LGBT Citizenship Centers and LGBT Citizenship Mobile Units
  • Program Transcidadania
  • Awareness campaign about fighting homophobia and about LGBT rights
  • LGBT Pride Parade

Publications and other materials

  • Webpage of Transcidadania Program created by the International Association of Educating Cities – Educating Cities International Documents Databank.
  • Video of Transcidadania Program
  • Municipal Decree that established the Transcidadania Program
  • LGBT Guide of the City of São Paulo


  • Ivan Santos Batista
    Coordination of Policies for LGBT people of the Human Rights and Citizenship Municipal Secretariat
  • Marina Luna
    International Affairs Advisor of the Municipal Human Rights and Citizenship Secretariat