Description of the city

Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands. It has 623.000 inhabitants.


The main objective of our LGBT emancipation policy is to ensure that the city of Rotterdam is a safe place for LGBT. A city in which every person has the right and ability to openly express their (sexual) identity. On one hand, our policy focuses on promoting the acceptance of sexual diversity among youth, elderly and groups that still consider homosexuality a taboo. On the other hand, with this policy, we strive to empower LGBT, specifically LGBT from ethnic or religious communities to be better equipped to deal with the challenges they face.

Focus areas

  • Building expertise on supporting and emancipating ethnic and religious LGBT and their social environment among professionals, key stakeholders and volunteers in Rotterdam.
  • Promoting the acceptance of sexual diversity among youth and within ethnic and religious communities.
  • Promoting network development by, for and around LGBT and empowering key stakeholders with an ethnic and religious background.


Publications and other materials

You can find several documents on the website of IDEM Rotterdam.
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Collaboration partners


Corrie Wolfs
Policy Advisor LGBT Emancipation
Department of Social Development
City of Rotterdam