Human Rights & fight against discriminations for Equal Rights are values that Paris will tirelessly defend against conservatism: marriage, parenthood, health... A third of our anti-discriminations budget is for LGBT projects. Paris has been awarded for LGBT actions! We’re proudly welcoming the 10th Gay Games 2018, the biggest sport & culture event without any distinction of gender or sexual orientation: 15.000 athletes, 40.000 visitors, 36 competitions, many cultural events in a festive atmosphere. 


I fight for assisted procreation: Legislators need to match the law to women’s reality: single women & lesbian couples planning parenthood are discriminated against by the current law, having to go in other countries (Belgium, Spain…). The Inter-LGBT had a subvention for the Pride. City Hall proudly displayed rainbow flags.  Paris is working to protect trans people from discriminations. E.g. our new local Citizen Card: you chose what gender you are or... no gender.

Paris reignited the LGBT archives project, with the support of the LGBT Center which holds the 1st LGBT library. « Ending the Aids epidemic in Paris by 2030 », an ambitious but realistic strategy, a strong political will AND a dynamic built with activists & doctors: quicktesting, datas, targeted answers, condoms & Prep.

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Description of the city

2,3 millions inhabitants (intra muros) for only 105km2: a very dense city with a typical character (food, fashion, architecture…). Huge cultural venues (monuments, museums, concerts, shows…) all year, many LGBT offers. About 12% of marriages are LGBT now. Tourism world champ - even in trouble times all over Europe.



  • Respect, dignity, visibility, equality & safety for LGBT people, in all spheres of life.
  • Fighting homophobic crime & discriminations in all areas of social life.
  • Promoting acceptance within Paris administration and society.
  • Development of the Paris action Plan against discriminations including explicitly LGBTphobia.

Collaboration partners

Centre LGBT, Inter-LGBT (pride organizer), SOS Homophobie (anti-violence hotline, school interventions, annual report…) + MAG-Jeunes (youth) +APGL, Enfants Arc-en-Ciel, Contact (families)  +Trans: Acthé, Accepté-e-s… + ARDHIS (Migrants) + Culture: Festival de cinéma Chéries-Chéris, Cineffable, Jerk off  + Sports: FSGL + Gay Games Paris 2018 + Deportation & History: Mémorial de la Déportation Homosexuelle + Les Oublié-e-s de la Mémoire, ARCL (lesbian archives)  + employees: Homoboulot, L’Autre Cercle + Health/ Aids: AIDES, Sida Info Service, Act Up, groupe SOS.


Hélène Dureux
LGBTQI + project manager


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