In June 2019 the City Government of Oslo renewed its LGBT policy, with an action plan called “Proud and free”. This policy continues policies adopted by the City Council in 2006 and 2015. The aim of the renewed plan is to increase the appreciation of gender and sexuality diversity in Oslo's population, as a positive value for all. Further, the plan aims to ensure security for sexual minorities at risk of being marginalized. For the municipal administration, the aims are to ensure equal services for all, and promote an inclusive work environment. In April 2018, the city Oslo estab-lished the Council on gender and sexual diversity, advising the City Government and the City Council on LGBT policy.

Focus areas

The plan is scheduled to be adopted by the City Counsel in early 2020. These actions are prioritized in 2020:
 Training for municipal staff on gender and sexuality diversity
 Support for civil society-based protection against discrimination
 Dialogue with traditional and religious communities on gender and sexual diversity
 Strengthen the services of the Health Station for Gender and Sexuality
 Measures to take care of the needs of young LGBT refugees and migrants
 Visible presence of the municipality in the Oslo Pride festival and the Pride House seminar program
 Use of the OXLO and the Rainbow symbol in municipal buildings
 Guide for inclusive language in the city’s communication and language profile

The plan consists of 31 different measures, grouped under three strategies:
 Visibility and celebration of gay Oslo,
 Inclusion and protection against discrimination,
 Training of staff, and increased competence on gender and sexuality diversity

The City Government is scheduled in 2020 to launch a new action plan against hate: This will include actions against hate speech and hateful attitudes targeting LGBT people.

Collaboration partners

Local LGBT organizations – Free, Queer World, as well as the Norwegian Centre against Racism and Norwegian Peoples Aid.

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