In Europe, we are in  the comfortable situation that in many areas we have achieved legal equality for LGBTI. But demonstrations, for example against marriage for all, or against sex education in schools, and not least violent attacks on LGBTIs have shown that this does not go hand in hand with recognition in society.

In times like these, when we are confronted with audible slogans against equality and diversity, it is all the more important to give clear signal. Nuremberg as a city of peace and human rights, has long taken a clear and unmistakable position against any form of discrimination and stands up for the diversity of our urban society.
This also includes active advocacy for the rights of LGBTI. We do this with our own coordination unit in the staff of the Human Rights Office & Office for Women’s Issues. For, to quote Carlin Emcke, the winner of the 2016 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade: “Human rights are no zero-sum game. Nobody will lose their rights, if they are granted to all.“ We are convinced that we will be able to achieve more in joint networks and are therefore looking forward to the cooperation in the Rainbow Cities Network.

Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Mal


Description of the city

With almost 530.000 inhabitants from over 165 nations, Nuremberg is the second largest city in the Free State of Bavaria. Based on the City’s heritage and its role during the Nazi era, the Lord Mayor, the city administration and a huge number of socially engaged citizens of Nuremberg ensure that nowadays only signals of peace and respect for human rights emerge from the city. The International Nuremberg Human Rights Award, the Way of Human Rights in the heart of the city and a variety of events and workshops for human rights education are only a few examples of the numerous activities carried out by the city. Furthermore, Nuremberg is the only city in Germany which operates a human rights office as part of the city administration. Since 2010, Nuremberg has been familiar with specific local LGBTI policies. The latest LGBTI activities date from September 2013 when Kasha Nabagesara, a Ugandan LGBT activist, was honoured with the International Nuremberg Human Rights Award, followed by activities organised by the Education Department and the survey “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Cities of Nuremberg and Erlangen” in 2016/2017.


  • Counselling of mayor, city council and units.
  • Mainstreaming LGBTI politics into local human rights and antidiscrimination policies.
  • Combating discrimination and violence.
  • Visibility and empowerment of LGBTIs – promoting LGBTI projects and events.
  • Supporting local LGBT groups.


Focus areas

  • Implementing LGBTI units in human rights education in schools, in the city administration, in health care and care for the elderly.
    To raise awareness for human rights topics, a wide range of seminars, workshops and events is offered throughout the year. They concern human rights, discrimination, history education and diversity competence. There are some special courses for school classes, new employees of the city administration, employees in health care and care for the elderly.
  • Developing and supporting campaigns, events, LGBTI projects and information.
  • Office for discrimination issues.
    The main activities of the anti-discrimination unit consist of prevention and consultation in individual cases. Every Nuremberg citizen who is affected by discrimination can seek advice and help here.
  • Implementing LGBTI issues in local action plans for gender equality, elderly people, inclusion of disabled persons and integration of migrants and refugees.  


Publications and other materials

  • Survey  2017: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Cities of Nuremberg and Erlangen.
  • Ach, so ist das – Biographical comic reports by LGBTI:

We provide various materials on our website, including:


Collaboration partners

  1. Area Education/Care for the Elderlyand Refugees
    - Fliederlich e.v.    
    - Ach, so ist das?!  
    - Deutsches Jugendinstitut München  
  2. Antidiscrimination and Human Rights
    - Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte 
    - Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Bundes
    - Lesben und Schwulenverband Deutschland  
    - Bundesstiftung Magnus-Hirschfeld
    - Eddy-Hirschfeld-Stiftung
  3.     Local LGBTI Groups
    - Fliderlich e.V.;
    - Trotzdem e.V.;
    - Queer Franken e.V.;
    - Queer Filmfestival e.V.;
    - Human Rights Film Festival;
    - ILSE e.V.



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