In times as these, when we are confronted with a backlash against all equality efforts, when conservative and fundamentalist movements work against the goal of equality, we have to firmly oppose these tendencies and to clearly formulate our goals. We need solidarity with the group of lesbians, gay and trans* people. For this purpose, a strong network of cities is very important. The City of Munich has campaigned for LGBT equality for many years, implements its own measures and supports the community. I am glad that we also have a special municipal unit for LGBT* equality and antidiscrimination, the Koordinierungsstelle für gleichgeschlechtliche Lebensweisen, which represents the City of Munich in the Rainbow Cities Network.
Dieter Reiter, Mayor of Munich

Description of the city

Population: 1.534.403 inhabitants


Participation and equal opportunities for all people living in Munich. The City of Munich combats every form of marginalisation, discrimination and violence. Munich is committed to an understanding of what it means to be a human being based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.


To secure social peace and cosmopolitanism, a differentiated structure of units for antidiscrimination and equality work has been established in the City of Munich. These units work on achieving more and more participation and equal opportunities for all people living in Munich.

In so doing, the City of Munich not only fulfils her social and sociopolitical duties as a municipality, but also the city council and city administration are convinced that it is the most important municipal task to enable justice and social peace. Because only then every citizen has the possibility to realise their potential for the good of all and to reach social advances together for all people. The city council of the City of Munich has described the work of the antidiscrimination and equality units in a resolution in 2012 and thus put it on a common basis. In the resolution also the legal and social science framework conditions of this work are described.

The particular interests of lesbian, gay and transgender citizens are represented by a special unit. For equality of LGBTI people in Munich, the City provides appropriate measures.

Focus areas

  • Counselling of mayor, city council and units
    • Specialist statements, counselling, proposal bills, complaint management for government issues
  • Round table for LGBT issues with representatives of policy, government and community
  • Regulation and controlling of lgbt policies as a cross section issue
    • Support of city units with lgbt projects, projects with different units, counselling, comittee work
  • Promoting social acceptance
    • Public relations, informations, education, counselling, projects
  • Support for the lgbt community
    • Support of groups and projects, counselling for the same sex marriage
  • Remporary special focus in lgbt policies
    • For example: visibility of lesbian woman
    • LGBT youth (actual focus in school politics and social politics)
    • Elderly LGBT, opening help facilities for lgbt senior citizens
    • Lgbt refugees; for example safe placement for lgbt refugees
  • Administration and developing of the communal LGBT foundation “Münchner Regenbogenstiftung”

Publications and other materials

We provide a lot of informations and materials on our website:
Also we send printed matters to interested people. We have a lot of publications about different topics of LGBT life and antidiscrimination as well as documentations, for example symposia.



Ulrike Mößbauer
Landeshauptstadt München, Direktorium
Koordinierungsstelle für gleichgeschlechtliche Lebensweisen
Angertorstr. 7, 80469 München