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Ljubljana is a city of open, tolerant and friendly people, where everyone can find a place for themselves. It is a city where we respect diversity and live together. 

We must always and in every area strengthen values such as tolerance and respect for diversity, while remaining aware that mutual differences enrich and not divide us, whether they are of culture, language, race, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. We, the people of Ljubljana, have already shown this repeatedly. So far there have been 16 Gay Pride parade’s organised in Ljubljana and as Mayor I am always happy to attend them. With the attendance I express my support not only to the LGBT community, which has a place in our Town Hall and it is unique example in Europe, but also to all other social groups who are deprived of their rights for various reasons.

I am glad that Ljubljana is the member of the Rainbow city network where we can exchange our good practices with other cities. I am glad that Ljubljana will host the next RCN meeting. I hope that despite the planned activities, you will also find time to walk around Ljubljana and discover its hidden secrets.

Zoran Janković , Mayor


The City of Ljubljana actively follows the principles of equality, inclusivity and accessibility which are reflected in all our policies. Special care and attention is addressed to the LGBT community. Our goal is to significantly reduce homophobia and empower lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT).  

The City of Ljubljana is proud of the partnership we have established with various LGBT organisations. We are aware of the need to support LGBT organisations and activities that promote wider social relationship towards the LGBT community. So, our Mayor is the Patron of the annual Gay Pride parade, we support or we are co-organisers of some LGBT events (e.g. EGLSF conference, round tables in City hall). We also offer diverse support to the development, organisation and implementation of projects and programmes for LGBT community. The City offers them spatial (NGOs have options to carry out programmes on City premises, which are free-of-charge or they pay reduced fees) and financial support (funding through annual public tenders).

In co-operation with NGOs and experts, the City of Ljubljana has published a brochure entitled Rainbow Ljubljana (it showcases an active and productive LGBT community in Ljubljana and introduces various activities by Ljubljana’s LGBT community) and implements a project entitled ‘LGBT-friendly certificate’. The aim of the certificate is to create a climate that is favourable to all within the working environment and in organisations’ external relations.

We are very pleased that our activities in the LGBT field were recognized as an example of good practices abroad. In 2015 the project LGBT friendly Ljubljana received Best Practice Certificate which is presented by the European Institute of Public Administration. The jury stated that Ljubljana shows the way with its activities how to start and continue improving the quality of life of LGBT people.

Focus areas

  • Supporting various programs for LGBT people
  • Awareness raising activities
  • LGBT friendly certificate
  • international cooperation

Collaboration partners


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Simona Topolinjak
Department of Health and Social Care
Email: simona.topolinjak@ljubljana.si