Acceptance and appreciation of diversity has been demonstrated by Municipality of Kotor in its long history. It is proven repeatedly that Kotor is a multiethnic and multi-confessional milieu. Kotor needs to learn a lot from other cities about LGBTIQ+ policy, and that is why I am particularly pleased that we have joined the Rainbow Cities Network. Our representatives will attend one-year meetings of the aforementioned organization, in which they will actively participate, and they will apply good practices related to LGBTIQ + policy in Kotor.
Željko Aprcović, Mayor




Description of the city

Kotor, as an ancient city under UNESCO’s protection since 1979 is recognizable in the region and the world. Valuable cultural and historical heritage and natural features have contributed to the inscription of the old town of Kotor on the List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage. Boka Bay was named one of the twenty five most beautiful bays in the world whereas Kotor became a member of the Association of Walled cities of the Mediterranean. Over 60% of the monumental heritage of Montenegro is located on the territory of Kotor. Municipality of Kotor is located at the southwest of Montenegro, and the city itself is located in the Boka Kotorska Bay the only fjord in the Mediterranean since the others are mostly in Scandinavia. The territory of the municipality covers an area of 335 km ². Due to its geographical location, Kotor has a mild Mediterranean climate with average annual temperature of 15.2 ˚ C with the swimming season lasting up to 144 days. According to the latest official census, 22 601 residents live at the territory of the Municipality


The goal is to educate people to accept differences, and to create more open society who will not have stereotypes and prejudice toward LGBTI comunity. Also we wolud like to create a network with the non governmatal organizations and schools in order to promote and protect the rights of LGBTI community.


Municipality of Kotor is the first municipality in Montenegro to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation with Ministry for Human and Minority Rights to improve the status and protection of the rights of LGBTI persons. Memorandum was signed in April 2014. In accordance with the signed Memorandum, in 2014, an advisor was appointed to carry out activities in the field of protection of the LGBTI community. The advisor is working in the Department for Culture, Sports and Social Affairs.

Focus areas

• Cooperation with LGBTI community; • Completion and implementation of the first local action plan for LGBTI community; • Reduction of exclusion and discrimination; • Visibility of LGBTI in art and culture.

Collaboration partners

Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, NGO Juventas, NGO Queer Montenegro Social service department, the network of schools Police


Madalena Martinović

Department for culture, sport, and social services

Municipality of Kotor e-mail:

tel: + 382 32 325 874