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In our city, there is no place for discrimination due to sexual or gender identity. Joining the Rainbow Cities Network is the logical next step in our diversity and anti-discrimination politics. As a Rainbow City, Hamburg is standing up for tolerance, open-mindedness and a welcoming attitude internationally. All Rainbow Cities in Europe have a wealth of experience in accepting sexual and gender diversity. We are looking forward to this co-operation with many valuable ideas to feed into politics and society.
Katharina Fegebank, Senator of The City of Hamburg

Description of the city

Population: 1.787.408 inhabitants (31 Dec. 2015)


The concerns and interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual people are a natural part of modern gender equality politics. Hamburg is an open and tolerant city and, with its “Hamburg marriage”, it has set an example of appreciating diverse life styles in society. By joining the Rainbow Cities Network and the Action Plan for the Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Diversity, we aim to make LGBTI*-people and issues in all areas of life more visible. Hamburg is against any form of discrimination of people due to their sexual orientation and their gender.

Focus areas

  • Completion and implementation of the first Hamburg Action Plan for the Acceptance of Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • Financing projects related to LGBTI* interests, e.g. network hub “Selbstbewusst Trans*” (Confident Trans)
  • Financing a school educational project on the topic of gender diversity

Collaboration partners

  • Intervention e.V.
  • Magnus Hirschfeld Centrum
  • Basis & Woge e.V.
  • Member of the Round Table “LSBTI* und Flucht”(LGBTI and forced migration) and the Round Table “Transgender Norddeutschland” (Transgender Northern Germany), which various stakeholders, NGOs, politicians and responsible authorities are taking part in. 
  • Close co-operation of the police with LGBTI* stakeholders within the framework of project “Cops4Colours.”


Dorothee Bramlage
Department for Science, Research and Gender Equalities