„Frankfurt is a diverse and open city and strives for dialogue that encourages people to live together without discrimination. Despite the efforts and legal improvements homo- and transphobia is still part of everyday life for LGBTIQ people.

People are still being insulted, injured, and excluded for the way they are or who they desire. As the city's representative, I find it crucial that we stand in solidarity with LGBTIQ people in public transport, cinemas, sports clubs, schools, and jobs, but most importantly in our lives.

Solidarity means getting to know each other – our differences but also the things that connect us as human beings. When we talk about LGBTIQ issues we often hear that discrimination only happens in other countries or that immigrants are bringing anti-LGBTIQ sentiments to the city. Frankfurt has always been a multicultural city and we find that having an active role in fighting for diversity and acceptance is not a question of culture or heritage but a question of solidarity and the understanding that we want to build a city for everyone.“


Sylvia Weber, Counselor for Integration and Education


The City of Frankfurt wants all its inhabitants to live without discrimination and take part in an open and equal dialogue. The Coordination Unit cross-links the LGBTIQ communities, municipal bodies, and the wider public with each other by supporting their initiatives and it stimulates an intersectional perspective, e.g. the inclusion of migrant LGBTIQ people in community events or the inclusion of Trans* perspectives in the development of municipal forms.


The LGBTIQ policy is part of the integration and anti-discriminatory policy of the city. The Coordinating Unit for LGBTIQ Topics is situated in the Department of Multicultural Affairs and staffed with two parttime employees. The work was initiated in 2005, including a round table on lesbian and gay issues. Since 2013 the City has invited all Pride organizers to a reception honoring their work and flies the rainbow flag from city hall during Pride Week. The Coordination Unit started their work in November 2015. Frankfurt am Main was the first city in Germany to establish a department working on integration in 1989.

Focus areas

  • Detect and name blind spots in current LGBTIQ work in Frankfurt am Main 
  • Establish a network with local LGBTIQ NGOs and communities
  • Link LGBTIQ NGOs with municipal bodies
  • Organize integrative and inclusive events around IDAHOT and Pride
  • Stimulate intersectional dialogue

Collaboration partners

The coordination unit currently works with lesbian and gay sport clubs like Artemis Sport Frankfurt e.V.  and FVV Frankfurter Volleyball Verein , LGBTIQ interest and counselling organisations like LIBS e.V. . the culture center LSKH run by LLL e.V. , trans* interest groups like Transident e.V. SHG Frankfurt  and Dgti , LGBTIQ refugee groups, LGBTIQ migrant services like DIB e.V. , lesbian and gay teachers like AG LesBiSchwule Lehrer_innen in der GEW , HIV prevention organisations like AIDS Hilfe Frankfurt, pride organisiers like CSD Frankfurt e.V. , LGBTIQ students, job related interest groups like Völkinger Kreis , Wirtschaftsweiber or Rainbow at Fraport , LGBTIQ anti-violence projects like Broken Rainbow , cultural projects like the queer cinema experts Kinothek Asta Nielsen  and many institutions that work on LGBTIQ inclusion, for example caring for older members of the LGBTIQ community (e.g. Frankfurter Verband) or services for sexworkers like KISS – Kriseninterventionsstelle für Stricher

In addition, the unit collaborates with other communal LGBTIQ offices in Germany and the Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration in Hesse and the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency.


Elena Barta (elena.barta@stadt-frankfurt.de)
Anna Kellermann (anna.kellermann@stadt-frankfurt.de)

Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten
Abteilung „Grundlagenarbeit und Antidiskriminierung“
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