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Esch has a long history of bringing people from different backgrounds and cultures together. Acceptance has always been a key word in our city. This acceptance is extended to all LGBT(I) persons, and we will do everything to ensure that everybody gets the respect and the freedom they deserve as human beings!
Vera Spautz, Mayoress of the City of Esch-sur-Alzette

Description of the city

Esch-sur-Alzette, population 34.000, is the smallest city in the RCN Network despite being  the second city of the Grand-Duchy (after the capital Luxembourg). Esch is the former centre of its steel industry and as such has contributed greatly to the wealth and development of the country. Nowadays Esch is the seat of the University of Luxembourg and is moving from industrial heartland towards a city of science and knowledge. Esch is also the city where the only  LGBT(I) festival week takes place in Luxembourg (GayMat in early July).


To ensure equal opportunities to LGBT(I) people in their everyday life. To stand against homo- and transphobia in all their forms. To end discrimination, personal and professional, for sexual orientation or gender related reasons.

Focus areas

  • LGBT Refugees
  • Visibility

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Dominique Vitali
Service Culture
Email: dominique.vitali@villeesch.lu