Description of the city

Reykjavík City, the capilal city of Iceland.
Population: 128.793 inhabitants


To remove all direct and indirect discrimination towards LGBT people within the City of Reykjavík.


Reykjavík City has a Human Rights Policy which touches on many different groups and issues. The seventh chapter is about sexuality, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics and states that discrimination on those grounds is forbidden. The policy covers both those working for the City of Reykjavík as well as its citizens, and the services provided.

Action Plan and Projects

The Human Rights Policy is followed up by an action plan on human rights which includes a chapter on LGBT+ issues. The long term key focus areas are on services, education and counselling which are addressed by in-house as well as external education and training on LGBT+ issues. The external training and counselling is provided by the National Queer Organisation through a service contract with the city.

Additionally there is a focus on gender neutral facilities, trans children within the school system and a special focus on LGBT+ people and domestic violence.

Rainbow Certification

A long term project that has recently been established is called Reykjavík Rainbow Certification. Through the project all staff, including division leaders and management, and all units within the City of Reykjavík will be able to apply for the certification which can be obtained through LGBT+ sensitive training. The goal is to ensure sustainable change and inclusion of LGBT+ issues within the city’s workplaces and through its services.

The Human Rights and Democracy Office is responsible for implementing the Human Rights Policy and therefore the clauses that concern LGBT people specifically. However each entity within the city is responsible for following and upholding the policy within their place of work and the services they provide.

Publications and other materials

Human Rights Policy in English and Icelandic.
Together Against Violence. A brochure (in Icelandic) on LGBT+ people and domestic violence.
What is Queer? Brochure about various groups and terms connected to the LGBT+ community.
Trans Children in Schools. Checklist in Icelandic.


Contact person at the municipality Svandís Anna Sigurðardóttir: