As a libertarian and social democrat Mayor, I am working hard to contribute to establishing a country where no individual is discriminated because of their religion, language, color, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.
Murat Hazinedar, mayor


Beşiktaş Municipality strives to build a city where everybody enjoys a free environment where they can express themselves without pressure or boundaries. As a part of this goal, the Municipality supports emancipation of LGBTI community and fight against homophobia and transphobia within society. In addition, it aims to set a good example for other cities in Turkey regarding the LGBTI policies.


After Mayor Murat Hazinedar has signed SPoD LGBTI Association’s “LGBTI-Friendly Municipality Protocol Text”, The Municipality of Beşiktaş started to include LGBTIs as a part of its diversity policies.

Focus areas

  • To plan and carry out training activities in order to raise the awareness on gender equality and LGBTI rights among the municipal staff
  •  to conduct awareness raising campaigns in order to fight against homophobia and transphobia within society
  • to promote the gender equality within the municipal strategic plan while being in cooperation with the local non-governmental organizations
  • to promote the creation of inclusive workplaces for openly LGBTI employees
  • to put legal and psychological consultancy service for the LGBTIs into practice
  • to provide funds and donations that will contribute to promoting the development of the cooperation between the public, private sectors and the NGOs advocating for the rights of LGBTIs

Publications and other materials

All sectors and services are involved. However, the Gender Identity Equality Commission of the Municipal Assembly is responsible for building the LGBTI policies of the Municipality, whereas the Equality Unit under the Directorate of Foreign Affairs is responsible for implementing these policies.


Collaboration partners

SPOD (Social Policies Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association), LISTAG Families of LGBTIs and Lambdaistanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association


Mr. Adem YAVUZ (

Department: Foreign Affairs Department Equality Unit