1. Establish and finance a LGBT+HOUSE in 2019 (A LGBT+HOUSE that are governed by LGBT+associations in Aarhus with financial help from the municipality of Aarhus and a coop-eration between the municipality and a board of the house (a non-profit and voluntary board that represent the LGBT+associations))
2. Improve the physical and mental health and well-being for LGBT+people
3. Strengthen the voluntary LGBT+associations in the city
4. Better and more information to children and teenagers about LGBT+ topics
5. More openness and tolerance and less discrimination and hate crime against LGBT+person – both the employees and citizens in the municipality of Aarhus and the workplace Aarhus mu-nicipality
6. Member of the Rainbow Cities Network


In march 2018 the City Council of the municipality of Aarhus decided to focus on making Aarhus a better and more attractive city for LGBT+persons and making the workplace Aarhus municipality a better and more attractive workplace for LGBT+persons.
At the same time, the City Council decided that the city council´s “Committee on Diversity and Equali-ty” will work with LGBT+subjects during the period 2018-2020 (the goals for the work are described below).
After 2020 it is intended that the work with LGBT+subjects will continue in the administration of the municipality and in a cooperation between the LGBT+associations and the administration of the mu-nicipality (selected and relevant sectors/services)

Focus areas

Short term:
• Establish and finance a LGBT+HOUSE (it is already temporarily financed by the municipality of Aarhus (1.8.19-31.12.19) and it is on the financial negotiations for 2020-2024.
• Make a questionnaire survey for LGBT+persons in Aarhus about physical and mental health and well-being, loneliness, discrimination, inclusions, hate crimes and that they think about liv-ing in Aarhus
• Make debate and information in the media and hold a debate event about LGBT+subjects
• Collaboration with the local LGBT+associations

Long term:
• Debate and information in the locals work units in the workplace “The municipality of Aarhus” about how to make better LGBT+ working lives.
• Better physical and mental health and well-being for LGBT+persons as a part of the health policy 2020-2024

Collaboration partners

The local voluntary board of the LGBT+HOUSE and other local LGBT+associations
“LGBT Danmark” and “AIDS-Fonden”